About Us

Our Program Is part of the American Tree Farm System and is a nationwide community of nearly 70,000 landowners linked by a desire to manage their woodlands effectively. Effective management means producing a sustainable supply of trees to meet our nation’s wood products needs while also maintaining forests which are healthy, aesthetically pleasing, and beneficial to wildlife.

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In Montana…
1. There are over 400 Tree Farmers who own about 1.2 million acres of forest land.
2. The five-year average of volume harvested on nonindustrial private forest (NIPF) lands from 1986-90 was 184,722,485 bd ft of timber.
3. Tree Farms make up about 24% of all MT private forest lands.

In the United States…
1. There are 9.9 million private ownerships with 390 million acres of forest land (nearly 60% of the all the forest land in the USA).
2. Tree Farms play a valuable local role as well, providing wildlife habitat and watershed protection, and often offering recreational opportunities for members of the community.
3. Tree Farms promote public support & understanding for tree farming by displaying tree farm signs and through news stories, publications, and formal educational programs.

Tree Farm Information & Assistance…
The Montana Tree Farm Program serves as a catalyst to distribute information to Tree Farmers in several areas:
1. Forest Management
2. Productivity Improvements
3. Enhancement of Forest Health, Water Quality, Wildlife, and Recreation.

Becoming Certified…
Certification of Tree Farms is conducted by professional foresters from the forestry community: public agencies, timber companies, consultants, and retired foresters.
These professionals donate their time and energy.
Membership in the Tree Farm Program is free and imposes no obligation on the landowner other than the practice of good forest management.
Tree Farmers join the program out of interest and pride in their forest properties.
There are two types of membership in the  Program: Pioneer Tree Farm, and Certified Tree Farms.
For an initial inspection of your Tree Farm by a professional forester to help you meet Tree Farm System standards contact us.

Pioneer Tree Farms…
If you’re just discovering your forests and do not have the qualifications for full Tree Farm certification, you can become a Pioneer Tree Farmer. By developing written management recommendations and showing a desire to follow them, you’ll be on your way toward becoming a certified Tree Farmer.

Certified Tree Farms…
To qualify for Tree Farm certification, your forest lands must be:
1. Ten acres or more
2. Managed for a variety of forest values, including timber production
3. Protected to ensure the sustainability of high quality soil and water resources.

Benefits to Tree Farmers…
1. Membership in a network of professionals and fellow landowners who share your commitment to sound, sustainable forestry.

2. Invitations to seminars, field days, and workshops that can help you learn how best to achieve the goals you’ve set for your Tree Farm.

3. An annual convention where you can meet, share experiences, and enjoy the fellowship of Tree Farmers from all over the nation.

4. A free first-year subscription to Tree Farmer: The Practical Guide to Sustainable Forestry. It’s the only national magazine specially designed for forest landowners–full of articles with easy-to-use information, product reviews, and plans you can put to work right away on your Tree Farm.

5. Opportunities, training, and tools that will help you educate others about the benefits of excellent forestry–whether its schoolchildren visiting your Tree Farm, other landowners who want to know more about management, or lawmakers looking to regulate forestry or set your Tree Farm taxes.

6. An initial inspection of your Tree Farm by a professional forester to help you meet Tree Farm System standards.

7.  A re-inspection of your tree farm will be done every five years that provides professional suggestions and advice to help you meet your goals.

The Montana Tree Farm Committee
represents a broad cross-section of  interest resources and expertise to assist Tree Farmers and direct them toward professionals who can help in timber stand improvements.  Tree Farmers are supported by…
1.   The Extension Service
2.    NRCS
3.    DNR&C
4.    Consulting Foresters
5.    Private Industry

Community Awareness…
The Montana Tree Farm System develops  and coordinates community awareness activities in several areas:
1.   Field trips for local school groups,  community leaders, & civic organizations
2.   Publications and newsletters
3.   Video productions
4.   News media stories
5.   Speakers at local schools & civic groups.

Educational Programs…
A unique feature of the Montana Tree Farm System is the activity relating to public education. The best educational  programs involve people, change perceptions, and offer new and  meaningful experience. They provide a sense of connection to larger issues, affect people directly in their own lives, and provide long-term involvement. The best education programs are fun!!
The Montana Tree Farm System Program expects to fulfill these educational goals through several activities:
1.   Project Learning Tree (an award-winning environmental education program of   WFPA and the Superintendent of Public Instruction)
2.   Adopt-a-Tree-Farm program
3.   Vocational education of Tree Farms
4.   School Tours